The Author Academy

The Author Academy teaches every method, gives you every tool and unlocks every secret needed to successfully launch and promote your book! Here are just some of the things you'll find in your Author Academy account:


Video Courses

Videos and training that will help you master all the publishing strategies and secrets of both ebook and physical book sales.


Graphics & Tools

From building your website to creating promotional material, you'll get everything you need to jumpstart your marketing efforts.


Secret Tips

These insider walkthroughs contain secret tips and methods for everything you need to gain a large following and sell tons of books.


A Million+ Stock Photos

With these photos, you will no longer have to spend your hard-earned money buying stock photos for your book covers, blog posts and promotional materials..

High Quality

These photos are high resolution and super easy to grab, just search a term and start downloading.

Full License

Every photo is completely royalty free and requires no attribution or credit

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Secrets & Walkthroughs

From everything to book promotion, getting into bookstores and onto bookshelves, these walkthroughs and tip sheets offer a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained through trial and error. Luckily, we already did that part for you!

Secret Reports

These are full of knowledge you can't find elsewhere, like what services to use, what industry professionals you should be using and contacting and much more.


These sheets show you exactly how to accomplish publishing and marketing tasks. Whether you are conducting interviews or designing a book cover, these reports will make sure you are on the right track.

Explode Your Book Sales with Powerful Training Videos

Over 70 thorough training and strategy videos covering everything authors need to create, promote and sell their books.

Online Sales

The internet reaches potential readers from anywhere in the world! But how? We've worked with millionaire authors selling books online and we'll teach you everything.

Offline Sales

Traditional methods known for selling books can still nake a major impact to your book sales, and we'll teach you how to get in media, on radio stations, in bookstores and more.


Make Sure Your Book is Ready

These videos will teach you how to critique your design, how to do things yourself and even the correct things to ask your freelancers.

Grow Your Author Platform

Learn to build an unstoppable author brand and dominate your niche using an email list that helps establishes loyal readers and pushes book sales.

Graphics That Make You Look Like a Pro

Most authors spend a lot of money working with cover designers, layout artists and general graphic designers. These graphics will save you tons of money and help you put the independence back in independent publishing.

Cover Design and Interior Layout Templates

These templates alone can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

Promotional Graphics

From social media, to websites and offline print materials, these well-designed graphics will save you tons of work.

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Author Website Tools

Our exclusive author-centric WordPress Theme is easy to set-up and has everything that a good author website needs.

Easy to Use

Our instructional video shows you how to install, set-up and customize every detail of your author website.

Platform Focused

While some author websites just serve as online brochures, your new website is packed to the brim with ways to both grow your blog and email following.

What Authors are Saying


"I will definitely be utilizing The Author Academy for my next book! They have created an amazing service with great tools and ideas for design and promotion for both new and established authors."

-Sarah Burleton
New York Times bestselling author of
"Why Me?"


"I'm blown away by all that The Author Academy has to offer. It helped me promote my books with energy and excitement. What an amazing tool to help navigate the overwhelming world of publishing."

-Lisa Heaton
Author of "Deceiver" &
"Unmending The Veil"


"I've been using The Author Academy to elevate my understanding of book publishing and marketing to maximize my efforts as an author. This is an incredible opportunity for all writers."

-Matt Elam
"42 DAYS TO MY WOLVERINE BODY" & contributor to Black Belt Magazine


"The world of publishing is a minefield and a daunting prospect for many. Luckily, help is at hand with The Author Academy which gives sensible, practical advice and the tools authors need."

-Victoria Twead
New York Times bestselling author of "Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools"